Is this the end of disco polo on Telewizja Polska? Surprising decision of the new president of TVP, Mateusz Matyszkowicz – Super Express

So far, Zenek Martyniuk (53) was one of the biggest TVP stars. Has the era of the king of disco polo ended on Telewizja Polska with the arrival of the new president, Mateusz Matyszkowicz? Recent reports may alarm Zenek fans …

Zenek Martyniuk he is called the king of disco polo music. In recent years, he and other disco polo musicians have graced the most important events organized by Polish Television with their performances, including New Year’s Eve, festivals and Summer Tour of Two. Now, when Jacek Kurski is no longer the president, but his successor was Mateusz Matyszkowiczthis state will change and Zenek Martyniuk will disappear from TVP?

On September 8 “Presserwis” announced that the plans for the concert of Telewizja Polska were changed to opening of the canal through the Vistula Spit. Disco polo stars were to be hosted at the event, but as agreed by the website, Mateusz Matyszkowicz resigned from their participation. According to Presserwis’ informant, the new president of TVP was to admit that September 17 (the anniversary of the USSR’s aggression against Poland) is not a good time to play with dance music. Shortly after, the website announced that Telewizja Polska completely withdrew from organizing the event. This decision was to be made by President Mateusz Matyszkowicz.

Do you think the recent decisions of Mateusz Matyszkowicz herald the end? Zenek Martyniuk and disco polo on Telewizja Polska?


Are you a fan of Zenek Martyniuk?

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