Is that still Monika Olejnik? The graphic artist seems to have slipped his finger. “Not like myself”

Monika Olejnik gave an interview to “Fashion Magazine” and became the star of the cover of the third issue of this year’s edition of the quarterly. The problem is that he doesn’t look like himself in the photo.

Monika Olejnik on the cover of “Fashon Magazin”. The graphic designer went crazy

Monika Oilnik he usually asks his guests in “Kropka nad i”. Now she has given an extensive interview to Fashion Magazine herself. The quarterly is one of the longest-running fashion magazines in Poland. So there was a photo session. And not just any. Olejnik posing in an asymmetrical blue dress with flared sleeves appeared on the cover. The photo has already found its way to the quarterly’s instagram board.

Monika Olejnik, an icon of free media, is the hero of the cover of the autumn issue of “Fashion Magazine”. In the lens of Piotr Porębski, the journalist appears in crazy stylizations. In an honest interview, she tells Mai Handke, among other things, why she would rather go to hell than to heaven – we read under the photo.

And it must be admitted that Olejnik posed crazy styling (photos can be found in our gallery, at the top of the article), but they don’t get your attention. It is hard to take your eyes off the journalist’s face. After all, the graphic artist exaggerated and applied too many filters.

Internet users are of a similar opinion, who in the comments under the entry stated that they did not meet Monika Olejnik in this version.

But why is she dissimilar?

Retouch yes, but why the hell change a woman into another?

In the era of fighting the promotion of cheated beauty, do you give such a cover? What does Mrs. Monika Olejnik say? Do you really think this will add credibility? – we read.

We also took a look at the Instagram account of the woman interested herself. It seems Olejnik is happy with the cover, or at least accepts it, as she posted it on InstaStories. There she also showed other photos from the session. She also praised her backstage. The graphic artist’s interference is not yet visible in these shots.

How do you like the cover of the magazine?

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