Ireland: Children died in a burning car. The mother fights for her life in the hospital

This tragic event took place on Friday, September 9, around 16, near the village of Multyfarnham in Midday County Westmeath Ireland. According to the Irish Mirror, the local police was informed by a motorcyclist who noticed a burning car on a small country road.

The girl died instantly, her brother died in the hospital

As it turned out, a 30-year-old woman, her daughter and son were in the car. Although emergency services quickly arrived at the scene, the children died.

As he informs “Irish Mirror”One of them, 5-year-old Thelma, was dead when the police and firefighters arrived. The second child, 3-year-old Michael, was alive when he was pulled out of the car. The boy was transported to Midland Regional Hospital in nearby Mullingar. However, he died there.

The mother of the children was also hospitalized. Lynn, 30, was transferred to Dublin by helicopter. The woman was severely burned in a fire. Doctors say, however, that her injuries at this point are not life-threatening.

Mysterious circumstances of the tragedy

The circumstances of this tragedy are quite puzzling. It is not known yet why the car caught fire. According to a source related to the services, quoted by the Irish Mirror, “There is no evidence that the vehicle was involved in a collision. Now the investigation is focused on finding out what caused the fire.”

The local police are looking for witnesses to this incident. Uniforms urge people who have any information on this to contact the local police station or any other police unit. Investigators also planned autopsies of the deceased children. They will be held at Midlands Regional Hospital in Tullamore.

Irish Mirror sources indicate that the family lived near Multyfarnham. The local community cannot recover from this tragedy. Father John O’Brien of Multyfarnham Abbey told the Sunday Independent that there was an “overwhelming feeling of shock and sorrow” among the local community.

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