Iran. Mahsa Amini is dead. Father accuses Iranian authorities of lying about his daughter’s death

The father of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman whose death sparked a wave of protests in Iran, accused the authorities of spreading lies about what happened to his daughter. The 22-year-old fell into a coma after being arrested by the Iranian religious police. Then she died. Witnesses say she was beaten by officers. Amjad Amini in an interview with BBC Persian said he was not allowed to see Mahsa’s autopsy report and denied that his daughter was in poor health.

Amjad Amini said witnesses to the incident told the family that his daughter had been beaten in police custody. The Iranian authorities deny this. They claim that the woman was not mistreated but suffered “sudden heart failure” after she was arrested in Tehran by the national morality police.

The reason for the detention was the outfit which – according to the officers – revealed too much of the woman’s head. Under the Islamic law imposed after the revolution in 1979, Iranian women are required to cover their hair and wear long, loose clothes to conceal their figure. Those who break the law face a public reprimand, fine or arrest.

“My son begged them not to take her away”

The deceased woman’s father said her 17-year-old brother Kiarash found out that Mahsa had been beaten. – My son was with her. Some witnesses told him she was beaten in the van and at the police station, Amjad said. “My son pleaded not to take her away, but he was beaten too, his clothes were torn apart,” he added.

“I asked them to show the officers’ recordings, but they told me that the batteries were empty at the time of the intervention,” said Amjad Amini.

Kurdish women protest in Beirut following the death of Mahda Amini, 22 [21 wrzeĊ›nia 2022 r.]PAP / EPA / WAEL HAMZEH

“There were bruises on her feet.” Father accuses

The man also reported that medical staff repeatedly prevented him from seeing his daughter’s body after her death. “I wanted to see my daughter, but they wouldn’t let me in,” he said.

He added that when he asked for an autopsy report, the doctor told him, “I’ll write what I want and it has nothing to do with you.” He stressed that no autopsy information had been presented to his family.

Protests in Iran after the death of Mahsa Amini, 22. Tehran, September 21, 2022PAP / EPA

Mahsa’s father said that he saw his daughter’s body only on the day of the burial, when only her feet and face were visible. “There were bruises on her feet,” he pointed out. “I asked doctors to examine her feet,” he added. According to the man’s account, the authorities promised him to investigate the cause of the injuries, but he was not answered. “They ignored me and now they’re lying,” he said.

In an earlier statement, Mehdi Faruzesh, Tehran Province Director of Forensic Medicine, said that Mehsa Amini “had no signs of head and face injuries, no bruises around the eyes, and no fractures at the base of the skull.” Authorities also said that there were also no signs of internal injuries.

Death of a 22-year-old detained

Mahsa Amini, 22, fell into a coma after being arrested by Iranian religious police. Authorities launched an investigation into the woman’s death after Iran’s president had requested it Ebrahim Raisi. Police say the woman suffered heart problems while waiting with other detained women at the morality police station.

“There has been no physical contact with her since she was transferred to the vehicle and at the police station,” the police said, rejecting the allegations that appeared on social media, among others, that the woman was probably beaten.

Mahsa Amini died after the intervention of the religious police@ Drjalilrahimi / twitter

However, witnesses to the detention in Tehran claim that the 22-year-old was beaten by policemen in a police car. Amini’s family, quoted by the BBC, explained that she was a young, healthy person who did not suffer from any medical conditions that could explain sudden heart problems.

Manifestations, a wave of indignation

Due to the death of the 22-year-old woman, W. Iran it comes to manifestationand is swept across Persian-language social media wave of indignation. On Sunday, the demonstration took place in front of the University of Tehran, and the day before in Saghghez in Iranian Kurdistan, where the woman came from.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA

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