Investments are not to blame for the decline in the economy. The CSO released the data

  • Investments in the economy increased in nominal terms by 26 percent. compared to the first quarter
  • Retail sales are probably responsible for the decline in GDP in the second quarter
  • Investments increased strongly in industry and transport, and fell in trade
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Investments in fixed assets amounted to in the Polish economy in the second quarter of this year. as much as PLN 43.4 billion – according to GUS data. It’s about 26 percent. more than in the first quarter and by 19 percent. more year on year.

Even taking into account inflation, we can talk about a significant acceleration. Fixed price outlays, ie adjusted for inflation, grew 4.7% in the first half of the year. year on year, while in the first quarter only by 1.3 percent. rdr – the Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported. And comparing on an annual basis, we are referring to last year’s strong rebound after the lockdown collapse of 2020.

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