Investments are fleeing Russia, but are not withdrawing from the region. They mainly move to Poland

International concerns are looking for alternative suppliers, and this creates opportunities for all four countries in our region, i.e. in addition to Poland, also for Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia – say analysts from the Institute of International Finance (IIF). “The existing human and physical capital (especially for global car manufacturers) is one of the main factors of the region’s competitiveness, as is its proximity, and thus easy access to EU markets,” they indicate in their report.

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IIF is a renowned analytical institution established almost 40 years ago by 38 leading commercial banks from the most industrialized countries in the world. Currently, it has 400 institutions from 60 countries among its members.

Analysts indicate that it is already expected that China’s role in global supply chains will decline in the medium term. All because of what global concerns have experienced in the form of disruptions in supply chains from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 until today.

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