International report. Ukraine. Night attack in the Caucasus

What does Azerbaijan’s night attack on Armenia mean for the situation in the Caucasus? About this, incl. Witold Jurasz and Dr. Witold Repetowicz from Defence24 talk in the context of the war in Ukraine. “Russia has never treated Armenia as an ally, but as a hostage. (…) Any military confrontation between Russia and Azerbaijan is completely out of the question” – says the guest of Witold Jurasz, who also speaks about this conflict in the context of Iran, because, as he notes, “Iran was present in the Caucasus for hundreds of years, a region that is important to Iran. ” The Iranian theme dominates in the second part of the podcast. Onet journalist and his guest talk, among others on relations between the West and Iran and Iran’s relations with Russia. “The first period of isolation caused a very strong Iran-Russia rapprochement. Until then, Iran had never been an ally of Russia” – explained Dr. Repetowicz. How has Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal affected these relationships? Is there a chance for a dialogue with Tehran and the US’s return to JPCOA? After all, would Iran be ready to use nuclear weapons if it had any? These questions are answered by the guest of the “International Report”.

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