Interest rates. Experts: The nightmare of Poles may come back as early as 2024. The NBP will be to blame

Sory, but probably no economist has yet managed to prove what the banks came up with to earn more after a large lending operation, i.e. raising interest rates, with high rates, only banks earn more, assuming that a large part of companies has any credit, raising the interest rate ends increase costs, and as we know, companies do not like to incur costs by lowering their final profit, so they raise prices, which drives inflation, and in the case of individual loans, it causes a reduction in the household budget which ends with reduced consumption, which translates into a decrease in turnover in companies and increases prices because at the end the assumed profit must appear, and here we are again adding to the inflation furnace. If we want to play in controlling interest rates, we should change the banking rules and introduce the rule that the interest rates announced by the government affect only new loans and do not apply to old ones, i.e. the market can only have fixed interest rates, thanks to which there will be a real impact on reducing lending without affecting home and business budgets. I have the impression that the action is forced only by banks, they have credited it as soon as possible, it’s time for cream, it’s a pity that the taxpayer is always hit at the end – read the citizen.

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