“Instructions on what to do after a nuclear bomb goes off”

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The 60-year-old hierarch from Poland, who has been working in Ukraine for 30 years, informed in an interview with KAI that the Zaporizhia Oblast is 80 percent occupied. – Another 20 percent of Zaporizhia oblast, including Zaporozhye, where I am located, is unoccupied, but Putin said that the annexation affects the entire oblast. He believes that Zaporizhia and the towns around Zaporizhia belong to Russia, but are still temporarily “occupied” by Ukraine. The Ukrainian troops, which are pressing Russian regiments to the wall near Kherson in the south, are now in a difficult situation, because if there are any attacks on these areas from Ukraine, it will be considered an attack on the Russian Federation, which may then use the heaviest weapons such as nuclear weapons – indicated Bishop Sobło.

He noted that the evacuation in the city center has already been carried out in Zaporizhia. There were “concerns that when Putin announced the annexation of these areas, Russian troops could strike with nuclear missiles at precisely those cities that they could not capture.” – That is why the offices were evacuated. Instructions on how to behave in the event of contamination after a nuclear bomb exploded in the city appeared on TV channels – reported the hierarch.

In his opinion, this situation leads to “deepening of the crisis” associated with the war. Everything will “depend on how quickly the European Union reacts”, but “specifically, not as it has been so far”, in words, because “such groaning will do nothing”. – The EU, along with Great Britain and the USA, must press down on Russia and end this war once and for all. If not, then in some time – if this conflict is frozen – Putin will say that they informed him that in Berlin several people speak Russian and they need to be released, Berlin and the adjacent territories should be incorporated into the Russian Federation. And then Paris and so on, predicts the auxiliary bishop of the Kharkiv-Zaporizhia diocese.

He stresses that the EU with the US must take “an unequivocal position”. – You must not be afraid of Putin and his fears, because he will constantly scare us. We will live in uncertainty, not only in Ukraine, close to the occupied territories, but all of Europe will have something to fear. Because Putin has already shown in the occupied territories that had been released that his bestiality has no limits, said Bishop Sobiło.

The clergyman thanked for solidarity with Ukraine. – Poland supports us, Great Britain and the USA. If the whole of Europe followed the example from Poland, the war would be over, the hierarch said.

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