Inhabitants are to pack up and be ready for the “flood”. Britain is getting ready for a flood

Heavy rains on Monday caused floods in Cornwall and Devon, the southernmost parts of England. These areas were covered by an alert from the Met Office, the national meteorological service associated with the Ministry of Defense.

The island media reports of an “incredible flood” that will hit parts of Britain in the next few days. All because of the current condition of the soil, which is heavily dried out due to the heat and the lack of rainfall in recent weeks.

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The Met Office warns that in the Midlands and the South East of England, it is in force currently 19 flood warnings due to downpours that can deliver 20-30 mm of rainfall in less than an hour, and in some places 40-50 mm of rainfall in two to three hours.

The Met Office issued a yellow storm warning for England and Wales on Tuesday, with conditions potentially causing more flooding as well as transport disruptions and power cuts.

The charity National Flood Forum said in a press release that the UK remains “reactive, not proactive” about the risk of flooding, even though floods have escalated in the last few years.

“Heavy rains and floods have hit both Cornwall and Devon. The National Flood Forum charity has warned that Britain is not prepared for the upcoming frequency of such floods.”

– wrote the Greenpeace branch from Great Britain.

The rains caused some of the mud to run down the streets. The A358 road in Combe Florey, Somerset, has been closed due to a large layer of mud, sand and potatoes from the surrounding field.

After an overnight intervention of the services, 50 tons of mud were removed and the road was opened.

The flood also reached Port Talbot in South Wales. The largest steel mill on the islands is located there. “They really have to stop this. It happens again and again” – we read in the description of the film.

London was not bypassed by downpoursLondon was not bypassed by downpours – Leon Neal / Staff / Getty Images
Flood in Tullow, IrelandFlooding in Tullow, Ireland – Niall Carson – PA Images / Contributor / Getty Images

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