Inflation is not bypassing anyone. Are milk bars still cheap?

A two-course dinner in a milk bar for PLN 15 – until recently, there was no problem with finding a place serving home-made dishes at such prices. However, a lot has changed in recent months. Have prices in state-funded milk bars jumped too? As sellers say, it was inevitable, and the price of meat was the most expensive.

Milk bars in the Tri-City

When inflation is soaring and food and basic products become more expensive at an alarming rate, we are looking for different ways to save. We gradually give up our current lifestyle, we go out less, we stop eating in restaurants, enjoying entertainment, changing the shopping list and the form of transport.

When food starts to get more expensive than chain store clothes, visiting milk bars can be a way to save a few pennies. The bars serve simple, home-made and cheap lunches at low prices. However, inflation does not spare anyone. The lower price of dishes in these places is due to state subsidies. The state only adds to vegetarian products (cereals, dairy, vegetables and mushrooms). So dishes with meat may be more expensive. What is the situation with prices in milk bars? Will we still order a relatively cheap meal there?

“Get him for a coffee before someone else takes him for an ice cream.” Passwords on the racks

Pork chop, pancakes, dumplings

So we look at the cards of Tri-City bars to see what the situation looks like in the case of the most popular dishes. We check how much you have to pay for the pork chop set, sweet pancakes and dumplings.

At the milk bar Kmar In Gdańsk, a pork chop alone costs PLN 12, a portion of potatoes (two scoops of puree) PLN 3, and salads PLN 7. So we will pay for such a set PLN 22. Sweet pancakes with jam or cheese cost money 8-10 PLNwhile for dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms you have to pay PLN 16. Milk bar Delicacy in Gdansk sells a set with pork chop for PLN 18.50pancakes (2 pcs.) for PLN 12.60dumplings with meat (6 pcs.) cost PLN 10.90and Ukrainian PLN 9.90.

Cheap, tasty and to your heart's content.  We recommend five places where you can eat like this
Cheap, tasty and to your heart’s content. We recommend five places where you can eat like this

In the bar Gdansk canteen at Dlugi Ogrody we will pay for a set with pork chop and soup PLN 19. Pancakes with soup cost the same, dumplings are not on the menu. Neighboring Milk Bar he sells the pork chops too 23.50 PLN. Two pieces of pancakes are the cost PLN 10Russian dumplings with meat or cabbage and mushrooms from 13.50 to 15 PLN.

A bar in Sopot Kefirek he sells a set of pork chops for PLN 27. Pancakes with soup cost money PLN 16.50. In Gdynia, St. Solar Milky Bar we will eat pork chop in the set for approx. PLN 15pancakes too PLN 11 and dumplings too PLN 14.

As you can see, prices in bars vary a bit, we can eat a set with pork chop for a dozen or so zlotys and for almost PLN 30. As sellers say, prices have jumped in recent months, but there is no shortage of customers.

– Since I’ve been working here, prices have risen twice. When I started, the pork chop was for 15, then for 17, now it is for PLN 19. Everything was more expensive, especially meat. But after all, electricity and gas are more expensive, it is simply impossible to keep these old prices. Customers come to us anyway. We are also in such a place that there is always movement here. There are also regular customers who have been dining with us for years. In the milk bars the prices have changed, but it’s still just the cheapest here – says the saleswoman of one of the bars in the center of Gdańsk.

Smaller portions?

Customers confirm that although they raised prices, milk bars are still the cheapest option for lunch in the city. One of the interviewees notices that where the prices have not changed, the size of the dishes has changed.

– I go to milk bars from time to time when I don’t feel like boiling – says Tomasz from Przymorze. – I did not notice that the prices changed too much, it is a bit more expensive, but you can still buy a much cheaper dinner than in a restaurant or even cook it yourself. However, it seems to me that portions started to get smaller. Maybe the milk bars are doing this if they don’t want to raise prices and scare customers away.
27 zlotys for a set with pork chop in a milk bar is not the amount that we would see on the receipt a dozen or so months ago. The prices clearly jumped, which was inevitable. Nevertheless, milk bars remain the cheapest eateries, so they cannot complain about the lack of customers.

What are your ways of reducing the effects of inflation in the home budget? We are waiting for your opinions in the comments.


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