“Inflation Bread”. German bakers try to outdo each other in ideas

The baker Michael Tenk from the German town of Südlohn, for example, offers “inflation bread” for 3.95 euros. Normally it would cost 4.45 euro, but the baker found … a sponsor. It is a construction company from the nearby city of Borken.

The company “pays” 50 cents for each loaf, and in return can count on advertising in the store. The baker is happy because, as he says in an interview with WDR, the costs are not charged to “neither the customer nor the bakery”.

Mario Fritzen, a baker from Kürten near Cologne had another idea. His shop also has “inflation bread” which costs 2.5 euros. It is the cheapest of all varieties, and the bread is devoid of various additives. “It’s plain wheat bread from a simple recipe,” explains the baker.

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