India-China. Troops are withdrawing from disputed border areas in the Himalayas

Indian and Chinese troops have begun to withdraw from the border areas of Gogra and Hotsprings in the western Himalayas, the government in Delhi said in a press release. The retreat of the soldiers of both countries takes place two years after bloody clashes on the disputed border.

According to Reuters, both countries decided to withdraw troops from the disputed area in connection with the upcoming president’s meeting China Xi Jinping and the Prime Minister India Narendry Modiego, which next week will be held in Uzbekistan.

Indian military vehicle in Ladakh, a region between the main Himalayan range and the Karakoram MountainsFAROOQ KHAN / PAP / EPA

The Indian government has stated that the withdrawal of troops from both conflicting parties is taking place in a coordinated and planned manner and is aimed at maintaining peace at the border.

Clashes between the soldiers of both countries on the border took place on June 15, 2020. Then at least 20 Hindus were killed in a battle of fists, stones and metal bars in the valley of the Galwan River. According to Delhi, losses were also on the Chinese side, but Beijing did not disclose this. It was the first in 45 years that the troops of both countries clashed with the fatalities on the disputed border.

Main photo source: FAROOQ KHAN / PAP / EPA

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