Increase in the subscription for a radio in a car 2023

Car radio subscription – increase in 2023. Yes, drivers will pay more. The new rates will apply in just a few months.

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Car radio subscription 2023

2023 will mean further increases. Including an increase in the RTV subscription, i.e. for the radio in the car. How much will the new rates be? From January 1, 2023, you will have to pay PLN 8.7 per month for the radio in your car. For a multimedia receiver that allows you to broadcast, for example, television, fee will amount to PLN 27.30 per month. How much is the car radio fee in 2022? The rates are PLN 7.5 and PLN 24.5, respectively. This means that the amounts will increase by PLN 1.2 and PLN 2.8.

The subscription for the car radio can be lowered. It is enough to pay for the whole year in advance. Then the user gets a 10% discount.

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How much will it be penalty for the lack of a subscription for a radio in the car in 2023?

The increase in the subscription for the radio in the car in 2023 will also increase the value of penalties for the lack of a paid RTV subscription for car. How much will it be? The fee will still be up to 30 times the standard one fees. This means a PLN 261 fine for a radio and a PLN 819 fine for a radio and TV set. Moreover, the owner of the vehicle or its holder will be obliged to pay the outstanding subscriptions from the moment the vehicle is registered.

Penalties for the lack of a subscription in the car are imposed on the basis of checks by Polish Post officials. In the case of cars, these are extremely rare, but still possible.

Who has to pay a subscription for the car radio?

Two groups of citizens have to pay a subscription for the radio in a car. The first are people who do not have a radio or TV at home. Thus, they do not pay the collective fee. If someone pays for home receivers, too car it does not have to pay extra. The second group are institutions. Companies pay for each of the receivers. In their case, the concept of a collective fee does not apply.

Who pays the subscription for car leased?

RTV subscription, car and leasing? It is an obligation to pay the subscription fee for the radio in the car. Only the company that owns the vehicle. She has to register the receiver and pay for the subscription. In the case of companies, the RTV subscription is paid for each device owned, i.e. for each car owned.

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Are pensioners exempt from paying the RTV subscription?

The act describes a whole group of people who are exempt from paying a subscription for a radio in a car, but also at home. Talking about:

  • people over 75 years of age,
  • people who are at least 60 years old and law until retirement being pension this cannot be higher than 50%. average salary,
  • people included in the 1st disability group,
  • veterans who are war or military invalids.

It is worth mentioning here, however, that the above criteria do not determine the purchase of the car radio license exemption, but their notification under an appropriate declaration. Only from the moment of submitting the statement, the subscription obligation ceases.

How not to pay a subscription for a car radio?

Drivers have a very simple way to avoid paying for a car subscription. Simply, contrary to the obligation, they do not report the receiver to the Polish Post Office. Today the method is quite effective. Reason? Car checks are extremely rare. The risk of a penalty is therefore very apparent. Only it is not known what the future will bring. Because it may turn out that the Post Office Poland will be granted access to the vehicle registration database over time. And this will definitely make their work easier.

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