“In winter, there may be a shortage of gas, this is the greatest crisis in history”

Pandera believes that “the situation is very difficult” and is “not optimistic”. – Physically replacing the volume of coal, gas and oil was possible – if action were taken in the right time and were effective – he assesses.

As he emphasizes, instead of solving problems, the government “pours fuel on the fire, creating gigantic, biggest-ever support systems that won’t create real change. “

“We use more gas than is available to us”

– There is no coal, and with gas we are not sure what it will be like. In addition, it is not only about the physical shortage of raw materials, but very high prices and the lack of proposals for actions that will help customers reduce energy consumption and minimize costs in a sustainable manner, because this is not a problem in one winter. This is the greatest energy crisis in our history and will last at least three years – says the head of Forum Energii.

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