In Russia, resistance to Putin is growing. This is not good news at all

In Russia, the anti-democratic and pro-war movement of right-wing nationalists who criticize the Kremlin for its defeats in the war in Ukraine is becoming stronger and stronger. demanding an escalation of the conflict and the complete conquest of Ukraine without mercy for civilian casualties – writes Russian journalist Alexei Kovalov on the website of the “Foreign Policy” magazine.

Not only are the demands for an escalation of the war in Ukraine dangerous, but also the widespread call for the use of nuclear weapons – says Kovalov, a journalist of the Meduza independent portal, blocked in Russia, based in Riga.

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This fragmented movement sees the causes of the Russian defeats in Ukraine not in the perfect attitude of Ukrainian soldiers, who defend their country with modern tactics and Western weapons, but in the “internal enemy” within Russia itself, Kovalev writes.

He adds that such a narrative dangerously resembles the “stab in the back” conspiracy theory developed in Germany after World War I, which explained the war defeat by the actions of “evil internal enemies,” including Jews. This, in turn, became an integral part of the Nazi propaganda that brought the movement to power; Therefore, the growing power of Russian extremists bodes badly for the future of post-war and Post-Stalinist Russia, concludes the journalist.

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