“If you publish your video, we will destroy you in Chiringuito”

Recent days have brought great poetry around Vinícius Júnior’s dances, which led on Thursday night to the racist commentary of Pedro Bravo, agent and guest Chiringuito, who in this TV show commented on the attacker’s celebration as follows: “You have to respect your opponent and when you score a goal, if you want to do samba, go to the Sambodrom in Brazil. Here you are to respect your colleagues and stop aping. It should stop doing.

This statement caused a great reaction especially in Brazil and among Brazilian footballers headed by Neymar, Ronaldo Nazario and Pelé, and finally a message from Vinícius himself the next night. Its full content you can meet here. Of course, the whole situation has led to a huge criticism of the whole Chiringuitowhich had been heating up the atmosphere around the Brazilian’s dances for a long time and finally crossed the line, undeniably going into racism.

As early as Friday afternoon, journalists began to receive information that Vinícius was also preparing his message with a strong response to Bravo’s statement. Iñaki Angulo, a Real Madrid youtuber, reports Friday Chiringuito made threats against the ranks player, forbidding him from publishing the video, which of course had to have a negative impact on the program.

Angulo quotes a message the 22-year-old was supposed to receive: “If you publish your video, we will destroy you in Chiringuito“. One of the journalists was supposed to send such a message to the player Chiringuitobut Angulo did not give his name, stating that he was simply following the command from above. Youtuber emphasizes that everything that happens in and around the program must go through the host and director Josep Pedrerol.

Pedrerol on Sunday night in the first program from the announcement Vini reported that the phrase “ape” is a colloquial Spanish phrase meaning fooling around and was not used in a racist form. The journalist apologized to the player and everyone who felt offended by it. The translations were also made in Portuguese. However, he clearly stressed that this was a well-worn slogan from the Spanish language and was not used in a racist context, although he added that it should not be dropped at all.

One of the main debates on the last night of the next program Chiringuito was the Brazilian’s pitch in the derby, who received huge criticism for it from most of the program’s guests. Pedrerol himself said that the 22-year-old distracts himself from things unrelated to the game, thinks about the fans and provokes his opponents. Juanfe Sanz, who was the first to attack dance in the program a few weeks ago Vini, stated that the Real Madrid player is not coping with star status and added that he will now be booed at all stadiums in Spain because of his behavior. The representative of Barcelona fans added that the footballer only thinks about provoking his opponents.

Angulo quoted the most important attacks on Vinicius from last night, showing that the threat was immediately put into effect. Importantly, the player himself never mentioned in the message Chiringuito or even Pedro Bravo, when, as YouTuber assessed, in recent years there have been such things about him that would have been fit for a lawsuit, including attacks by Cristobal Soria, the former Sevilla manager.

UPDATE 19:18 Federico Pena, agent Vinihe passed on to the portal ManagingMadridthat the above information about the pressures from the site Chiringuito are “100% false”.

UPDATE 19:23 Josep Pedrerol announced a lawsuit against Iñaki Angulo and assured him that he wanted to bring the case to the very end to clear the name Chiringuito.

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