If the sale of apartments is not going well, then you have to rent. This is the profit the developer is counting on

According to the JLL report, in the second quarter of this year. the developers’ offer already included 43.2 thousand sq m. flats, that is how many of them were unsold, waiting for the buyer. Almost three thousand came in three months and over five thousand in a year. The current numbers are there the highest in a year and a half.

And the number of housing units on the market will soon be growing rapidly. In the coming months, construction started after the first wave of the pandemic should end, when developers started a lot of them because people were investing in real estate en masse, discouraged by the banks’ deposit offer.

Echo Investment

If the sale is not going well, you can always rent a flat. What will be the earnings on this? Echo Investment, which four years ago came up with the idea to build apartments not only for sale, but also for rent, shared the expected revenues of the Resi4Rent project in its semi-annual report. It is currently the leader in the apartment rental market.

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