Ida Nowakowska cut her hair. How does it look after metamorphosis?

Ida Nowakowska has never cut her hair so boldly. She reported everything on the web. What does it look like after metamorphosis?

Ida Nowakowska is one of the most sought-after faces of Telewizja Polska. The presenter has been making a career on the air for years TVP. Previously, she collaborated with TVN, where she first appeared as a participant You Can Danceand later joined the ranks of the jurors.

With time, however, she changed the employer and received many interesting offers on state television. Permanently leads Question for breakfast at my side Tomasz Wolnybut also several entertainment formats.

For over a year, he has combined absorbing work with raising his son. The star never hid that her big dream is to have a child. For years, together with her husband Jacek, they have been trying to enlarge the family. Finally, in May 2021 little Max joined themwhich is the apple of her eye. From the first weeks of his life, the boy accompanies his mother behind the scenes of the programs she records.

Ida Nowakowska changed her hairstyle. What does it look like?

Ida from the very beginning, when she entered the world of show business, has very long hair. The star, however, changed their color several times. We met her as a blonde, but for several years she has not dyed her hair such a light shade. It is faithful to dark strands that only lighten with subtle reflections.

The presenter did not experiment much with the length of the hair. Recently, the locks have been so long that they have reached the waist. However, she decided to change it. Ida went to the hairdresser, which she reported on Instagram. She praised several recordings of her visit to the salon. She admitted that her hair was too long and needed a cut. She wondered what to do for a long time until the barber finally grabbed the scissors and made a decision for her.

A lot of hair fell to the floor. You can see that Ida shortened the strands by a minimum of 15 centimeters. Now the hairstyle is just over the shoulders. There was also a longer, side-swept fringe. After the cut, the presenter looks very fresh. Pictures in the gallery.

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