I visited a Slovak shopping mall. It was “captured” by Polish companies

  • Poprad is well known to tourists who visit the Slovak Tatras
  • There is one large shopping center in the city – Forum Poprad
  • Customers can shop there in 120 stores, but interestingly, the most attractive spaces belong to Polish companies
  • Apart from H&M, Reserved is the largest store in terms of area
  • But that’s not all – the gallery is even dominated by brands from Poland. Not only the clothing ones
  • More such information can be found on the main page of Onet.pl

Poprad is not a big city, it is inhabited only by approx. 50 thousand. residents. However, he cannot complain about the lack of tourists due to the proximity of the Tatra Mountains. The city is situated at the southern foot of the Tatra Mountains and from the center there is a beautiful view of Gerlach, the highest peak in the country.

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