“I didn’t buy all of Thurnbichler’s ideas. I thought I was going to kill myself.” Kubacki about working with a new coach

“I didn’t buy all of Thurnbichler’s ideas. I thought I was going to kill myself.” Kubacki about working with a new coach

Polish jumpers have several months of work under the leadership of Thomas Thurnbichler. Dawid Kubacki admitted that he was shocked by some of the Austrian’s ideas.

Thurnbichler became the coach of the Polish national team after the 2021/22 season. This is the most serious challenge for him in his coaching career. The 33-year-old was most recently assistant to Andreas Widhoelzl in the Austrian squad.

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The jumpers have already told about Thurnbichler’s unusual ideas. During training jumps, they were to sing or solve math problems. It turns out that there were more similar exercises.

– I certainly did not buy all of Thurnbichler’s ideas, because there were those that kept us awake at night. Especially at the beginning, when there were supposed to be different “fags” in the air during jumps. When I saw it, my reaction was that I will kill myself here, I will not do it here and it is generally impossible to do – Kubacki said in an interview with “Eurosport”.

– The second biggest shock came when it turned out that we had to complete all the items from this list. I was not sure that it is feasible at all on the hill. Later it turned out that Klimek Murańka’s saying that the eyes are afraid, but that the arms and legs will do anything, turned out to be true. And it could be done and there was a lot of laughter, fun and childish joy – added the bronze medalist of the Beijing Olympics.

Thurnbichler took over the Polish national team in a turbulent atmosphere. The jumpers loudly expressed their support for Michał Doleżal, whose services were resigned by the Polish Ski Association. Today, cooperation with Thurnbichler is going to be good.

– We had to get to know each other, give each other a credit of trust and build this trust in the following weeks. I cannot say with 100% certainty that everything is done. Work on both sides is needed all the time so that we understand each other well. It seems to me that this summer has shown that we can get along and come to good conclusions together – admitted Kubacki.

The new season of the World Cup will start on Friday. Then there will be qualifications ahead of the individual competition in Wisła scheduled for Saturday.

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