Hundreds of passengers wait for hours in line at the airport. They won’t go anywhere

Pictures and videos of gigantic queues for security checks at the capital’s airport have reappeared in the media. Thousands of people had to wait many hours to enter one of the three terminals under the tents set up there a few months ago.

According to media reports, hundreds of travelers were unable to catch their plane.

Some of them will depart on later connections, but some will have to spend the night in Amsterdam.

In the afternoon, the airport management asked several airlines to between 4 p.m. and 11 p.m. they canceled some calls.

The reason for Monday’s problems at the airport was that there were too few security guards working on the security gates.

“We have fewer bodyguards today and indeed the lines are long”

– confirmed the airport spokesman, quoted by the RTL Nieuws portal.

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