Huge traffic jams to the border with Russia. Occupiers and collaborators flee Ukraine

On his Telegram profile, the official published recordings showing queues of cars at checkpoints. The line formed in Stanica Ługańska and the village of Szczastia. From the vicinity of Starobielsk, the Russians are going towards Ługańsk – reported Hajdaj.

He also informed, referring to the Ukrainian general staff, that the Russians had hurriedly left the town of Swatow, driving trucks, armored vehicles and private cars stolen from residents.

“The cities occupied since 2014 are also emptying. The occupiers are actively leaving Lugansk and Alczewsk” – added Hajdaj.

The Ukrainian army ousted the Russian army from over 20 towns in the last 24 hours. Total control over these areas is being taken over and measures are being taken to stabilize the situation, the Ukrainian General Staff announced on Monday.

In the morning’s communiqué, the staff said that “it lasts.” liberation from the hands of Russian invaders localities in the Kharkiv and Donetsk oblasts “. He assured that the Russian troops were” hastily leaving their positions “and were fleeing deep into the occupied territories or to Russia. with the so-called people’s militia. “They are townspeople.

The staff also pointed out that over the past 24 hours more than 30 towns have felt the effects of Russian missile and air attacks on civilian and military facilities. “The Russians committed another act of terror by carrying out a missile attack on the Kharkiv heat and power plant, a very important infrastructure facility in the city. As a result of the attack, several regions of Ukraine were partially de-energized,” the staff said.

The communiqué also mentions the “successful actions” of the Ukrainian army in the Kherson direction, ie in the south of the country. “The enemy has suffered significant losses in manpower. There are reports that the Sevastopol-based 810th Independent Marine Brigade has lost almost 85 percent of its personnel,” the press release said.

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