However, mobilization will start in Belarus? Defense Department announces “readiness test”

In a statement published on Telegram, the ministry said that the test is being carried out as part of the “plan to prepare the air force and air defense forces”. There is a military air base in Moczuliszcze.

The test is to cover issues such as the appointment of persons subject to military duty and refreshing their skills, as well as extracting military equipment from warehouses and checking its suitability for combat. The test is to last for a month, announced the defense ministry.

Authorities Belarus claimed that they do not intend to mobilize in the countrywhich is currently taking place in Russia; those mobilized are sent to war with Ukraine.

On Monday, Alexander Lukashenko met with Vladimir Putin in Sochi. During the conversation, among others he shared with Putin his view on the mass departures of Russians who want to avoid mobilization. – Well, let them run, 30-50 thousand, let them go. I don’t know how you relate to it, I didn’t care there, as thousands left in 2020. Most want to come back now, they ask us to take them back, he said.

Belarus and Russia form a union state, and Belarus has provided Russia with territory to attack Ukraine, but without sending its troops to the territory of the attacked country. The authorities and official media regularly assure that Minsk supports Moscow and that “they will not allow their ally to be stabbed in the back.”

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