How to wipe an Android phone? Explore simple and free ways. They will be useful before sale and not only

How to wipe an Android phone? Explore simple and free ways. They will be useful before sale and not only

Your phone is equipped with Android and you want to speed up its operation? Or maybe you have to delete everything to sell it? We know simple ways to clear your phone’s memory. Thanks to them you will get rid of the problem. Here are ways to clear memory on Android phone quickly and for free.


Once a cell phone was a valuable piece of equipment and was handled as a treasure by everyone. Nowadays, virtually everyone has a smartphone, and most people are no longer able to function without it, but we won’t dwell on whether it’s good. Nevertheless, the multitude of models available on the market at various prices and the constantly developing technology mean that we replace our devices with new ones from time to time.

How to clean an Android phone?

In such a situation, remember that the phone you are stopping using should be thoroughly wiped of the data. Otherwise, our photos, message passwords and other confidential information may fall into the wrong hands. Luckily, the process delete files and information from the device it’s much easier than you might think.

The same applies to the situation where we want to save new elements on our smartphone, such as:

  • movies,
  • pictures,
  • documents
  • or applications,

and we receive a notification about ending space in the phone’s cache or on additional carriers. It goes without saying that most mobile phone users are also sensitive about the search history, which we don’t necessarily want to share with others by lending them our equipment.

See also: how to factory reset your phone.

How to speed up Android phone?

In all of these situations, a few simple steps are enough to get rid of the problem and most of these steps will free up phone memory and speed up your phone. So we decided to help you with this and prepared a short guide for you on how to clean your Android phone in specific situations.

How to clean an Android phone? It’s really that simple!


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