“How to be captured?” Russians make massive calls to the Ukrainian hotline

Number of callers to the hotline named “I want to live” increased significantly in connection with the mobilization for war announced by Russia. There are people who have received a summons to the army, but also those who have not yet received it. They call (and ask), “What should I do if they mobilize me to give up properly?” Yusov was saying.

Calls from the inhabitants of Crimea

A representative of HUR, cited by the Hromadske portal, said that many residents have been calling the hotline recently annexed Crimea.

Yusov expressed the belief that mobilization in Russia will take place in several stages, so even if someone did not receive a summons to the army, they can get it later.

Some of the newly mobilized with little preparation are actually sent straight to the front. Another part will be left for the creation of new branches Yusov said.

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