How the military pays for compulsory exercises. Entrepreneurs and IT specialists may lose out

How the military pays for compulsory exercises.  Entrepreneurs and IT specialists may lose out

How the military pays for compulsory exercises. Entrepreneurs and IT specialists may lose out

The Ministry of National Defense has published the number of people who may be called up for active military service in 2023 and those who can serve in the reserve. In total, the call can get 250,000. reserve soldiers, unless they are over 55 years of age or have some important function – everything what you need to know about the summons from the army, we have described here.

On Thursday, Col. Mirosław Bryś, the head of the Central Military Recruitment Center, assured that the minimum number of people without prior military training, about 3,000, would go to the reserve exercises. people. However, there was an uproar in social media, because you have to take an unpaid leave during the training. Many ask what about pay for practice time. Jarosław Wolski, a columnist dealing with the army, on Twitter even recommends exercises for those who work in Januszex. However, he warns that self-employed or freelancers will earn a maximum of PLN 24,000. PLN for 30 days of training. It may even be less. We explain why.

First, the reservist gets a salary

On the other hand, for each day of military exercises, reservists are entitled to a basic salary from the army. The daily basic salary of a non-professional soldier ranges from 2.85 to 13.40 percent. the lowest basic salary of a soldier, which is specified in the regulation of the Minister of National Defense of July 10, 2022 on the rates of basic salary for professional soldiers. According to it the lowest is currently PLN 4,560. This means that the daily salary is, for example:

  • PLN 129.96 for a serial (PLN 4,560 × 2.85%),
  • PLN 151.12 for a corporal (PLN 4,650 x 3.25%),
  • PLN 157.32 for a sergeant (PLN 4560 × 3.45%),
  • PLN 191.52 for a second lieutenant (4560 × 4.20 percent).

Thus, a private will receive PLN 3,898.8 for a 30-day training. If the daily rate of lost remuneration for work exceeds the daily rate of remuneration, reservewhich did not receive remuneration from the employer for the period of military exercises compensatory benefit.

What compensation for reservists?

The method and procedure for determining and paying soldiers a passive reserve cash benefit compensating for lost remuneration under an employment relationship or service relationship or income from business or agricultural activity that they could obtain during the period of active military service, military exercises is specified in the regulation of the Minister of National Defense on the cash benefit for soldiers performing territorial military service, active reserve soldiers and passive reserve soldiers specifies in detail

Reservist for each day of service he will receive 1/22 of his total gross monthly salary or income. However, there is also an upper withdrawal limit in this case. The daily rate of the benefit may not be higher than 1/22 of two and a half times the average monthly salary in the enterprise sector applicable in the year preceding the service. Currently, this maximum daily amount is PLN 669.30, which, multiplied by 30 days, gives PLN 20,079. Therefore, anyone who earns more will lose out on service to Poland.

Compensation details

It is worth knowing that the basis for determining the benefit is respectively:

  • the amount of the monthly salary received by a soldier on the basis of an employment contract or service relationship, obtained for the month preceding the month in which the service was performed
  • average monthly amount of income obtained by the soldier from the conducted business activity in the year preceding the period of service
  • in the case of agricultural activity takes are taken into account, among others the number of so-called conversion hectares.

If the periods of employment or business activity are shorter, the shorter period is taken into account (it is the basis for determining the amount of the benefit). The declared amounts of remuneration or income must be confirmed by the employer (salary), the head of the tax office (income from business activity) or the commune head, mayor or city president (agricultural activity), respectively. They issue a certificate in this regard to the soldier, but they have a maximum of seven days from the application to do so. This certificate should be attached to the application for payment of the compensatory benefit. A soldier submits it no later than within three months after the end of service. The benefit is determined and paid by the commander of the military unit in which the appointed person serves within 30 days of submitting the application. Its amount is reduced by the emolument received by a TD soldier for service.

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In case of problems with establishing the basis

In practice, it may happen that the economic activity in the year preceding the service period did not bring the soldier any income or brought losses, or when it is not possible to determine the amount of income obtained from the conducted activity or lost remuneration. what then?

– In such a situation, compensation is due, but in connection with the amount of the minimum wage. The benefit for a day of service is calculated by dividing the lowest salary by 22, explains the Operations Center of the Minister of National Defense. In the first half of 2023, it will amount to PLN 158.64 in the discussed cases, and PLN 163.64 in the second half of the year. As a result, a private appointed for 30 days at the beginning of next year will receive PLN 4,759.2. Why? The compensation is reduced by the amount of paid pay, for a private it is PLN 4,560. He will receive only PLN 199 from compensation.

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