How serious is the “hospital” in the Argentina national team? “This is a gigantic loss for the team”

How serious is the “hospital” in the Argentina national team? “This is a gigantic loss for the team”

A few days before the start of the World Cup, many key representatives of Argentina have a problem with injuries, but in the country of our group rival, the problems of Giovani Lo Celso are definitely the most talked about. Why is the Villarreal midfielder so important and how to replace him?

Leo Messi has Achilles tendonitis and missed the last PSG league game, but not an injury that would put him out of the game for long.

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Angel Di Maria in early October he developed problems with the flexor muscle, but after less than a month he returned to training. He has already entered for 9 minutes of Sunday’s match with Inter. His Juventus colleague complains about the same injury all the time, Leandro Paredes.

Paulo Dybala at the same time he tore his quadriceps and has not returned to the game to this day. In his case, there is a race against time, and it is more and more possible that he will not be present at the World Cup.

Nicolas Gonzalez also has problems with the thigh and is in a similar stage as Di Maria – he should be available for the game any day.

Cristian Romero He also has a thigh injury and is also expected to return to the game within a few days, probably for Tottenham’s last game before the World Cup.

Marcos Acuna he has minor problems with the ankle all the time, the last game for Sevilla finished after 45 matches. During the last training session, his club friend also complained about pain, Papu Gomez.

Juan Foyth he was absent the longest, because a knee injury excluded him from the game at the beginning of September, but it seems that after just over two months he may be slowly returning to the field. He is already training with the team and in the game with Mallorca he was on the bench.

His friend from Villarreal has the biggest problem. Giovani Lo Celso tore the biceps muscle in his thigh. – In his case, it would be best to undergo an operation that would exclude him from training for over a month – said Michał Borowy, an Argentine football expert, in the last “World Report”.

A long series of tests was carried out to see how severe the 26-year-old midfielder’s injury was. Tottenham, from which he is on loan to Villarreal, insisted on surgery. In Argentina, they believed until the end that it was just a rip-off. Lo Celso had even made promises to the clubs that he would forego his salary if conservative treatment allowed him to go to the championship, but then exclude him for longer. There was, however, a concern that Paul Pogba’s case would repeat, for whom avoiding surgery only made matters worse.

At one point, Lo Celso was about to text his staffmates on a Whatsapp group, “Sorry, I failed.” Then it probably became clear. But only on Tuesday evening the journalist Gaston Edul announced: the football player will undergo surgery. This means that he will not play at the World Cup.

Why is there so much talk about him and not about the others? First of all, most of them will be able to return to the game at the last minute. A large question mark appears only next to Dybala’s name, but he was not the main character of Albicelestes and, if necessary, he has a worthy replacement in the person of Angel Correa.

Secondly, his countrymen sympathize with Lo Celso, who was already in the squad for the 2018 World Cup, but then Jorge Sampaoli did not let him off the bench for even a minute. Today, when he is a key player, his fate takes his next chance.

Thirdly: – This is a gigantic loss for the team. Lo Celso is a very important second line player. Throughout the qualifying round, Messi swapped the most passes with him. There were perhaps 218-219 of them. On the pitch you can see the “chemistry” between them. Their instinctive play was a really great asset – Borowy explains. Other central midfielders, such as Paredes, Guido Rodriguez and Rodrigo de Paul, had more defensive tasks, however.

So who to replace him? There are several candidates, but it seems to be the most serious Alexis Mac Allister from Brighton. – He is in high shape this season. It did him good to switch from a winger to a compact “box to box” midfielder. At the end of the elimination, he jumped into the squad in place Exequiel Palacioswho would probably be the first option to replace Lo Celso, but is returning from an injury himself and only returning to the Bayer Leverkusen squad – Borowy believes.

He also played a few matches in the qualifying rounds from the beginning Papu Gomezbut he feels much worse at destruction. In the Lo Celso position, versatility is essential. He also made his sensational debut in the national team in September friendly matches Enzo Fernandez and he too should get a calling from Lionel Scaloni. However, this is a substitute for the player closer to the right of Rodrigo de Paula.

– There are certainly several candidates to replace Lo Celso, but will they be able to “get into his shoes” right away? I believe that no – Borowy sums up. Therefore, it is the absence of the Villarreal midfielder that will be Scaloni’s greatest pain. This, however, is not our problem at the moment. We will play Argentina at the end of the group stage, on November 30th.

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