How not to get blacklisted passengers? “Never do that on a plane”

Tiktokerka, known as “Flight Bae B”, warns air travelers against behavior for which they may blacklist passengers and lose the ability to fly on certain airlines. An American flight attendant recorded a video that is very popular on Tik-Toku.

Aggression and cheating disqualify

A 30-year-old Australian was fined $ 500. Additionally, he was banned from Quantas after he fought on an interstate flight. It was supposed to be intoxicated and aggressive towards the crew and other passengers.

Similarly, the Hong Kong influencer’s “adventure” for faking an email from Cathay Pacific airlines just to fly business-class has ended. Not only was her reservation canceled, but she was banned from using the airline’s services for life.

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Stupid jokes are not recommended

However, it is not only aggression and bad behavior after drinking alcohol that can banish a passenger by plane. Stupid jokes that may be taken seriously by airport employees and the flight crew are also inadvisable. Angus Kidman, travel expert at the Australian comparison engine Finder, warned travelers to be careful not to ruin their vacation with “a silly planned joke or aggressive behavior”.

The author of the tiktok, viral video also warns. “When you are banned from flying you are placed on what we call a” no fly list “and when you are on a” no fly list “you cannot fly,” she said. She added that one of the worst things that can be done is hitting any employee.

“Playful” threats of terrorist activity are also at the very top of the offense. Just like transporting forbidden items, but not only about obvious things, such as weapons or drugs, but also, for example, plants that we may not even know are illegal. Or fresh fruit that is not tolerated at some airports in the world (including Tasmania or Australia).


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