How much electricity does the heat pump consume? This is how you save energy

Limit of 2,000 kWh per year is to be the border between cheap and expensive electricity in 2023. Many of our readers believe that this is far too little. Owners of heat pumps may be particularly affected by this idea.

And will you use the “savings shield”? Write down how much electricity you use and share your doubts. We are waiting for

Heat pumps are the most ecological heat sources, which in addition consume the least energy compared to competing technologies. The problem with them appears when the electricity becomes more expensive. Bills can be significantly reduced by a photovoltaic installation, but this solution for many years will not help reduce bills at the moment.

Is 2 thousand. kWh is a lot? Certainly not in terms of heating a building. We asked Dawid Zieliński, president of Columbus Energy, to find out how much energy heat pumps consume. It turned out that depending on the technical conditions, a standard house can use nearly five times more energy for heating alone.

– An uninsulated house, in which there is no thermal modernization, will not solve the problem at the time of replacing the soot-furnace with a heat pump. A house built according to new standards will use two tons of coal. Uninsulated house, in old buildings – even five tons. If we replaced the stove with a heat pump in the same houses, it would use 4,000 PLN per year. up to 9,000 kWh, depending on the energy consumption of the building – comments Dawid Zieliński.

At the same time, the CEO of Columbus Energy noted that with the current prices of coal and electricity, a properly selected heat pump can still be a profitable solution. However, we do not know how electricity prices will change in 2023. One thing is certain – it will not be cheaper.

Heat pump – how to reduce energy consumption?

Dawid Zieliński also points out that regardless of the heat source used, the condition of the building plays a key role. The amount of energy needed to heat it largely depends on whether and to what extent it has undergone thermal modernization. Warming the house or additional insulation of places where heat “escapes” will help reduce the building’s energy demand. But what to do when the building insulation has been properly made, and yet we are afraid of high electricity bills?

There are not many options. The basic assumption is to take care not to overheat the building. In addition, it is worth making sure that the heating installation is fully operational. More on this we have already written in Gadgetomania. As for the setting of the heat pump itself, Dawid Zieliński gave two tips.

– A heat pump in Poland works best at a temperature of 20 ° C inside the house. If we add to it the domestic water temperature – approx. 40-45 ° C, then this is the most optimal system setting, and we recommend it to our customers. It is also worth reviewing the system and its settings every year so that there are no surprises during the heating season – summed up the president of Columbus Energy.

Karol Kołtowski, journalist of Gadgetomania

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