How much do Putin’s soldiers earn? One million rubles for getting Himars

The British Ministry of Defense wrote about the problems with paying salaries to Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine in early September. “In addition to battle fatigue and high casualties, one of the main complaints from Russian soldiers is probably still problems with their wages“- we read on the institution’s Twitter profile.

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According to Insider’s information, Russian teachers, including from Moscow schools. “We were told there [na froncie] they don’t have pants and socks, “said one of the teachers anonymously.

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50 thousand rubles per kilometer of progress, 1 million for Himars

It is difficult to say what the financial situation of Putin’s soldiers is, as sources provide various information on their salaries. It is also not known whether they actually receive both the monthly salary and the promised bonuses for additional successes on the front lines, or whether they are only “on paper”.

According to the Russian website, a soldier’s salary depends on his rank and military success. For example the daily salary of an ordinary soldier is 773 rubles (approx. 61 zlotys at the current rate), and a lieutenant – 1,545 rubles (approx. 122 zlotys). There are also diets. In addition, regardless of rank, additional payments are provided for military personnel, if they participate in active offensive operations – 8 thousand. rubles a day (about PLN 630). For each kilometer of progress – another 50,000. rubles (approx. PLN 4 thousand)

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