How Benzema was deprived of the World Cup by Deschamps

How Benzema was deprived of the World Cup by Deschamps

How Benzema was deprived of the World Cup by Deschamps

Late in the evening of November 19 news arrived from DohaKarim Benzema will miss the France squad in Qatar after suffering a torn quadriceps muscle in his left leg, according to the French Football Federation. When the striker began to feel uncomfortable during training, he traveled to the Aspetar Clinic in Doha, accompanied by the French national team doctor, Frank Le Gal. The diagnosis was made, and the last Ballon d’Or winner also informed the Real Madrid medical services about it.

It is striking that the player himself, who knows his body like no one else, knew that the injury was not serious and that within a maximum of 10 days he would be 100% ready to play. In fact, his initial intention was to stay at the training camp in order to be on the pitch at the latest for the start of the knockout phase. At most, the matches against Australia, Denmark and Tunisia could have missed him, although most likely the footballer could play in the last group match.

Benzema was confident that he would be fully recovered from a minor muscle injury during the round of 16 match, and in this case it was the match against Poland that the French faced on December 4. However, a huge surprise met him when he returned to his room at the Al Messila hotel, where Deschamps’ team was staying in Doha. There was a knock on his door, and after a while in front of him stood the French coach, accompanied by doctor Frank Le Gal.

The doctor bluntly told Benzema: “I’m sorry Karim, but you have to go.” Deschamps was conspicuously silent, with a lack of intuition that allowed the footballer to open his eyes to what was going on. The manager was literally “cleaning” him from the squad and thus had the perfect excuse to fully bet on Giroud, a player Deschamps always preferred to the Real Madrid star.

Karim showed his pride and did not want to fight for the opportunity to stay to recover in time to help his team, while posting on social media that leaves the grouping to make room for someone else. After receiving the message, he packed his suitcase and took a quick flight to Madrid. The next day he began his rehabilitation in Valdebebas. And a week later he went on vacation to Reunion Island. The injury was completely healed, and to make matters worse, the doctor admitted to Karim that this cold and calculated message was Deschamps’ order. Le Gal turned out to be an ordinary “errand boy”.

This explains the coldness and contempt with which Deschamps spoke when the media asked him about the possibility of Benzema’s help in the final stages of the World Cup, given that he was still on the official FIFA list without being replaced by any other striker. “Asking me the same question over and over again about Benzema is, to say the least, awkward. And that’s putting it mildly. Next question,” replied the trainer in a haughty and defiant tone.

Karim was more elegant and courteous, supporting his team on social media, and previously not revealing anything and even encouraging the manager to call another player. All of this, however, helped him make the decision he announced earlier this week: his definitive end to his representative career. “I made the effort and made the mistakes to get to where I am today and I’m proud of it! I’ve written my story and ours ends.” The last Ballon d’Or winner didn’t deserve such an end in his national team, but Deschamps was the cause of it all…

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