“Hotel Paradise”. Hania suffered from eating disorders. She showed pictures from the time of her illness

Hania Balcerzak is definitely one of the most recognizable participants of the current edition “Hotel Paradise”. Almost from the very first moments in Panama, the 23-year-old creates a strong couple with Mikołaj. Popularity influences the growing group of followers of Balcerzak’s Instagram account. Recently, the girl made a sincere confession.

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“Hotel Paradise”. Hania Balcerzak had problems with eating. She showed pictures from that period

In the Q&A series, Hania was asked by an Internet user about the details of eating disorders mentioned by Mikołaj’s program partner. Balcerzak confirmed that, in fact, she has such problems behind her. She also stressed that she had never suffered from anorexia.

I had an eating disorder, but remember that this is not just anorexia. Referring to other questions, my answer is that I have never had anorexia, we read on Instagram.

Observers also asked Fr. weight Balcerzak at the time when she was suffering from disorders. The girl admitted that photos from the most critical moment evoke unpleasant memories.

How much did you weigh the most? – the fans wanted to know.

70, but I don’t want to look for photos from that time. Here, about 64 kg – replied Balcerzak.

Hania ‘Hotel Paradise’ Instagram, @ hania.hotelparadise6

Let’s addthat Balcerzak is not the only participant “Paradise Hotel“, who struggled with this type of problem. Wiktoria from the fourth edition of the program spoke directly about eating disorders, as well as Jay, an athlete who gained popularity thanks to his participation in the fifth season of” Hotel Paradise “.

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