“Hotel Paradise”. Hania fell in love with aesthetic medicine. This is what she looked like before the treatments

The sixth edition of the program loved by viewers has started in full swing “Paradise Hotel“Fans already have their favorites, whom they predict a dynamic career in the program. This is definitely the potential of Hania Balcerzak, who has been associated with MikoĊ‚aj from almost the first moments in Panama. The participants form one of the strongest pairs of the current edition.

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“Hotel Paradise”. Hania is passionate about cosmetology. How much did she interfere with her beauty?

Balcerzak is definitely a colorful and hit participant. Her predatory beauty certainly adds to her self-confidence. It cannot be denied that a paradise resident hotel benefited from the benefits of aesthetic medicine. She is a specialist in this field herself – she works in living room cosmetics, and in the future she dreams of opening her own beauty empire.

Hania has already gained a large group of followers on Instagram. Currently, her account is tracked by over 37,000 users. Participant of the sixth edition “Hotel Paradise” actively runs social media and maintains the interest of Internet users from time to time by organizing a round of questions and answers. In the recent Q&A series, she was asked about the mouth. The observer wanted to know if Balcerzak enlarged them in the aesthetic medicine office, or if they were her natural asset.

Do you have such a big mouth genetically? – asked the internaut.

Balcerzak answered the question with a photo.

Hania Balcerzak Instagram, @ hania.hotelparadise6

In the photo we can see that Hania has always dazzled with her beauty, but aesthetic medicine treatments significantly influenced her current appearance. Which edition do you like more? You can find more photos of Hania in our gallery at the top of the page.

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