Hopeless Lewandowski? We are not fond of common sense

Robert Lewandowski played one league game in Barcelona and it was certain that hundreds of news about it would be written in Poland. We have been writing for years about every step of Lewy, his wife, the photo of his daughter, dog, cars, houses, holidays and so on. It’s painful, but – I mentioned it a week ago – it usually clicks like gold, ladies and gentlemen.

Now imagine the echoes of his first LaLiga performance in the Barcelona jersey. And since the Left goal did not score, just like his colleagues, a storm broke out. Of course, I also saw more balanced comments, materials and analyzes made with distance, calm and a question mark, but there was more outcry that this is a complete disaster, the club is hopeless, Lewandowski is similar and it will not be any of it. Game over ladies and gentlemen, as if everyone didn’t want to remember that this game is just beginning.

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