Hinton, USA. A sinkhole about to engulf a police station

Hinton, USA.  A sinkhole about to engulf a police station

Hinton, USA. A sinkhole about to engulf a police station

A giant sinkhole in the roadway in the US state of West Virginia right next to a police station. The sinkhole has been in existence since June, but it has grown to such a size that it can “swallow” the entire building.

The sinkhole, which is located in the town of Hinton, on West Virginia’s north-south road, appeared in June. At the time, it was less than two meters wide and about nine meters deep, the West Virginia Department of Transportation said. Local officials explained that the sinkhole was caused by the collapse of an approximately 90-year-old culvert under the roadway.

The rain made the situation worse

Initially, the road authority decided to fill part of the sinkhole in such a way as to allow safe traffic on the adjacent State Route 20. storm tropical Nicole, which brought with it heavy rainfall. The water washed away the fill, and the sinkhole expanded significantly.

Currently, the funnel has reached such a size that it is able to engulf an entire police station. The building was abandoned in July, when its foundations were dangerously close to the edge of the sinkhole. The expanding funnel also posed a threat to those traveling along State Route 20. Students in grades 6-12 at the local school had to temporarily switch to remote learning because the school deemed it too risky to travel on the damaged road.

A sinkhole next to the police

CNN reported that the installation of a 125-meter-long temporary bridge over the sinkhole was planned for Saturday. The bridge was supposed to be completed on Sunday. The bridge will remain in place until a new hydraulic system is built and the roadway is refilled.

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