Hidden message on the labels of a famous designer. “Feel what is happening in Ukraine”

Hidden message on the labels of a famous designer. “Feel what is happening in Ukraine”

Ukrainian fashion designer Ksenia Schnaider places a QR code on the tags of her clothes. After scanning it, you can listen to the sound of the bomb alarm, which has sounded in Ukraine since the beginning of the war for almost 13,000 people. times. It is her idea to show the world what sounds life in Ukraine has been going on for several months.

Ksenia Schnaider Together with her husband, Anton Schnaider, she founded a clothes brand under her name and surname in 2011. The brand is known primarily for jeans: cowboy, patchwork, fur and asymmetrical. Jeans with the tag “Ksenia Schnaider” she wore, among others model Bella Hadid. The clothes are made in a sewing room in Kiev, where the brand’s flagship boutique is also located.

In the latest post on Instagram, the brand informed its followers (over 90,000 people) about an unusual idea, how, thanks to clothes, it can remind the public that the war in Ukraine is still going on.

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“Until November 1, anti-aircraft alarms sounded about 12,900 times in Ukraine. In Kiev, where our production is located, the alarm sounded 596 times, which corresponds to 24 days, 18 hours and 52 minutes of the most terrifying sound in the world” – we read entry.

In order to feel what is happening in Ukraine and not to forget that the war is still going on, the brand came up with the idea of clothes put a QR code, which, after scanning, allows you to listen to a special soundtrack, i.e. a bomb alarm. “Our team continues to work in such an accompaniment” – emphasizes the brand in the post. “We keep doing what we do best and thank everyone for your support!” – they conclude.

Author: KP, source: kseniaschnaider / Instagram

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