Here is the dirtiest man in the world. Hasn’t washed in 70 years

Amou Haji, 87 years old, is known as “the dirtiest man in the world”. He hasn’t washed in 70 years, and he gets frustrated when the inhabitants of a nearby village try to share fresh food and water with him. The Haji feeds on carrion, especially rotting porcupines, and drinks water from a puddle, and uses a rusty oil can as a vessel.

Some of his neighbors say Haji is afraid of water, others say that the old man just thinks water and cleanliness make disease, and still others that he began to isolate himself from the community after falling in love with a woman who rejected him as a teenager. his considerations.

This is not the end of the surprising reports about the 87-year-old from Iran. One of Haji’s favorite pastimes is smoking a pipe with animal excrement. When he does not find them nearby, he smokes ordinary cigarettes, which he accepts from local residents. Interestingly, it smokes up to five at once.

Haji sleeps in a hole in the ground, but a few years ago he agreed to help from friendly neighbors who built a brick, open hut for him. He sleeps there when it’s cold or wet outside.

The man copes with the low temperature by putting on a few scraps of clothes and securing his head with an old military helmet. The 87-year-old also has a more conventional hobby – he follows politics and loves to discuss wars, especially those involving Russia and France during the French Revolution.

From time to time, the hermit is the target of attacks, verbal and physical. It happens that someone throws stones at him. The governor of the province in which his village is located, however, condemned such actions.

According to reports from PopCrush, Haji is surprisingly healthy for his unsanitary lifestyle. Dr. Gholamrez Mowlavi of the Tehran School of Public Health examined Haji and his blood. The doctor stated that the elderly man’s health was very good and that he could only complain of trichinosis, a parasitic infection caused by eating raw or undercooked meat. The “dirtiest man in the world”, however, has no life-threatening symptoms.

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