Helena Englert starred in erotic scenes. How does he remember working on the set?

Helena Englert starred in erotic scenes. How does he remember working on the set?

An erotic thriller filled with intimate shots, starring the daughter of Beata Ścibakówna and Jan Englert, has entered Polish cinemas. 22-year-old Helena Englert played the role of an aspiring journalist, Inez, who, as a result of events, becomes entangled in specific relationships with the men around her. For the film, the acting student had to get close to, among others, Piotr Stramowski. How does he remember working on the set?

Helena Englert in erotic scenes

Helen Englert tempted to play the latest one film directed by Maria Sadowska. This is a real challenge for the young art adept, because making her debut on the big screen, she had to face controversial, intimate scenesin which she was partnered with slightly more experienced colleagues from the industry, for example Piotr Stramowski.

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During the premiere of the erotic thriller, the daughter of Beata Ścibakówna and Jan Englert told the editor of the Plotek.pl portal how she felt in the role of sexually liberated Inez. It turns out that the 22-year-old could benefit from a great privilege on the set – the support of professionals.

“We had an intimate scene coordinator who guided us beautifully through it all. I am a huge advocate of the presence of such a person on the set. I believe that it helps a lot to take care of our mental health and guard our boundaries she stated in an interview.

Helena Englert cuts herself off from her parents in the media

Comparing and combining Helena Englert z Beata Ścibakówna and Jan Englert is a natural phenomenon that all children following the same professional path as their popular parents have to deal with. The 22-year-old acting student, however, tries to convince the audience that she does not get roles because of a famous name. He strongly cuts off from his mother and father and does not speak about them in public.

It didn’t happen after any particular event. I can’t pinpoint one moment. I guess it just happened naturally when I was growing up. As a young person entering this profession, I expect to be associated with my parents for a while yet, but it’s not like I’m denying them or they’re denying me. I would like to get a chance to build my own reputation, but also to work on my own awareness, autonomy, image, and that’s probably about it. Of course, in my case it will never be 100% possible, but I want to try – she confessed in an interview with cozatydzien.tvn.pl.

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Author:Berenika Olesinska

Main photo source: Piotr Molecki/East News

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