Head of British intelligence: There will be no breakthrough in the war in Ukraine until the end of the year [RELACJA]

The Kremlin is mobilizing industry to support the protracted invasion of Ukraine, reports the US Institute for War Research. Employees of some defense companies have been banned from taking holidays, and the defense minister visits tank factories. The Russians have started shelling the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant – said the mayor of Enerhodar. Moscow accuses Kyiv of these attacks. Ukraine has a problem with paying soldiers and relies on the central bank. The most important information from the 171st day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine can be found in our report on August 13, 2022.

By the end of this year, neither Russia nor Ukraine will achieve a breakthrough in the war, General Jim Hockenhull, chief of British military intelligence, announced on Saturday in an interview with the BBC.

The general assessed that the strength of Western unity and the resistance of Ukraine exceeded expectations, as did the defeats of the Russian army, which was characterized by “weak” command and logistics. According to him, the actions of the Russian side were affected by political interference, both on the strategic and tactical levels.

According to Hockenhull, Russia is clearly trying to gather more forces after suffering serious losses. In his opinion, the Russian army will have to move some of its troops from Donbass to the south, where Russian soldiers are under considerable pressure from Ukrainian forces.

However, General Hockenhull assessed that a decisive change in the distribution of forces in southern Ukraine is unrealistic in the coming months. He added that a long-term conflict should be taken into account.

Ukrainian soldiers made a self-propelled anti-tank artillery system using captured Russian equipment, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine informed on Facebook on Saturday, presenting a recording with the constructed vehicle.

The staff reported that the artillery system was assembled from an armored personnel carrier MT-LB and anti-tank cannon Rapira’s MT-12 by the soldiers themselves according to their own design.

“The system has already been tested and is in the combat zone.”

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