“He writes a message to me” – Judge Bronder reacted to criticism from Janikowski, upholds his decision

Judge Tomasz Bronder explained extensively why he interrupted the clash between Damian Janikowski and Tom Breese at KSW 74.

Judge Tomasz Bronder in recent days has come under fire of mass criticism that he initiated Damian Janikowskidissatisfied with the interruption of his fight with Tom Breese during the Saturday gala KSW 74 in Ostrów Wielkopolski.

The resident of Wrocław argued from the very beginning that he did not pat, but only looked for the clasp of the buckle behind the Briton’s back. What did it look like from the perspective of judge Tomasz Bronder – about it in the latest edition of the magazine Cage by Cage the journalist asked him WP Sportowe Fakty Artur Mazur.

– First he rubbed his fingers lightly, but it was moving and so on – He said. – He was still moving, he was hooked to the guillotine. There was a second round. He was in a situation where they suddenly stopped moving. I looked down so that he was turned so that I couldn’t see neither the eyes nor anything. It’s hard to judge, so this pat is generally a signal to quit.

“Everything else that happens doesn’t really matter anymore. A tap is a tap. So much. After all, I don’t wonder if he has a broken jaw there or anything. For the judge, a tap is a tap. And the fact that then he slapped himself once more, a second … Well, a pat is a pat.

Tomasz Bronder emphasized that he did not regret the decision to terminate and that he would take it again in retrospect.

The judge also pointed out that a hypothetical lack of reaction on his part to a tap in such a situation could lead to the attacking player with the finishing technique loosening his grip – because he felt a tap – and then being defeated himself, then having justified claims to the judge. However, he made a reservation that he did not suspect Janikowski of such an action, also stressing that Breese did not let go of the technique after tapping.

After the fight, Judge Bronder was no longer able to talk to the Olympian, although he tried to make contact.

– He writes me messages – He said. – He wrote two messages. But I generally don’t answer because what should I do? Let the atmosphere calm down, let him see the perspective of other parties as well.

– Let him understand that I can understand that he was not patting. And he can say to himself that he didn’t pat. Instead, the move he made was a pat. What am I supposed to do next?

“But I’m not here to wonder if he wanted to do it, he didn’t want to, why he did it.” The situation continues, he is in the guillotine, I cannot see his eyes at all, he gives some contradictory signals that go on once or twice. But there is a tap. What do I have? If I see a tap, I can see it’s a tap. Everything else is instinct. I see the tap, I stop it.

– The worst thing is if I don’t see a tap. If I was somewhere else and the player continued to hit, choke. And here I noticed the first time, so there is no subject for me here other than that I saw the slap, so I reacted as it was supposed to be. It doesn’t say anywhere that these pats must be twice, three times with a certain force.

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Damian Janikowski not only accused Tomasz Bronder of premature and unjustified interruption, but also went a step further, suggesting that the judge did it as an act of revenge for his recent victory with Tomasz Jakubiec.

– It’s actually very strange – Judge Bronder said. – The accusation itself is obviously serious, because it says that I acted deliberately in that split second and the only thing I really wanted was to finally get back.

– The case is so strange that, as far as I know, they were colleagues when they trained in the WCA. They slept in one room. Then there was an offer to fight, Tom took it, we approached it in a typical sporting way, looking at his strengths and weaknesses. And from what I talked to coach Krzyś after the fight – because we like to talk about how it looked like this and that – the conversations were interesting. There was no bad blood there. I think Krzysiu Gutowski will confirm that there was no bad blood there, that I don’t want to talk to them.

– The more that Tomek – I have only pupils, Arthur – came to me after the fight with Grzebyk. At that time, he trained, prepared for this fight, lost this fight – and left my club. I don’t have any emotional ties with him that could, I don’t know … My players fight in KSW and other federations. Rather, there are no such things that someone can accuse me of something.

– Recently, Kornik fought and lost with a split decision with Sebastian Rajewski. What influence do I have there? All our job is to try to work for good names. (…)

“If someone says there’s revenge here, then … we’ll see.” As I say, these are the things that the athlete pronounces in his nerves. I hope he will find out in this situation that he has gone too far, and he will also consider the perspective of the two other people who were in this situation. And together with good advisers – not those who will say “no, Damian, you are great and everyone deceived you here, and you were already there a second after winning the fight” – who will realistically look at it, without emotions, for maybe 2-3 days. I hope.

Contrary to earlier announcements, Damian Janikowski did not lodge an official protest – he had until Monday – which means that the result of his fight with Tom Breese will not be changed.

Full interview below.

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