He was mobilized three days ago. The “record holder” has already surrendered to the Ukrainian forces

  • Only a week after Russia announced partial mobilization, Russian conscripts arrived in Ukraine reported by the Ukrainian media
  • Among them is the “record holder” which, three days after the mobilization, was in the hands of the Ukrainian forces
  • “Don’t listen to that propaganda military registration and conscription bureau. If you don’t want to die, don’t go there, don’t listen to anyone.” says a captured Russian soldier on the video
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The governor of the Luhansk region, Serhiy Haydaj, informed on Telegram that the first Russian troops mobilized in recent days are already arriving on the front line in Ukraine.

“Just a week after Russia announced its” partial “mobilization, Russian conscripts had already arrived, sent to replenish the ranks of the Russian 1st Tank Army.” cites the words of the governor of The Kyiv Independent. In addition, they are to go to the front without any training.

In turn, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine informs that the mobilized units are supplemented by the units of the 1st Armored Regiment of the 2nd Motorized Division of the 1st Armored Army of the Russian Armed Forces, which are leaving for the combat zone. The press release reads that the Russian authorities are acting for the so-called self-mobilization, i.e. volunteer enlistment for the war and to the divisions in Ukraine “people convicted of criminal offenses come” we read.

It turns out, however, that the mobilized not only end up in the war in Ukraine, but some of them also end up in the hands of Ukrainian forces.

Tpyxa News posted on Twitter a recording of a mobilized Russian: “Three days have passed from mobilizing this Russian soldier to surrendering to Ukrainian forces.” we read.

The man says he is a soldier in the Russian army from Rostov-on-Don. “Don’t listen to this propaganda military registration and conscription office. There are a few killed, many killed and wounded here.” says. “If you don’t want to die then don’t go there, don’t listen to anyone. I was treated well here, basically ordinary normal people live here.” he adds. He also reports that the commanders left, and finally admits that on the third day at the front he was taken prisoner.

Although some mobilized Russians have already reached the front, many men want to avoid it and flee the country. Almost 100,000 of them were to go to Kazakhstan. After many hours of queues at the border, the Russians end up in Uralsk, the closest border to a large city in Kazakhstan. Queues of many kilometers are also forming on the Russian border with Georgia.

Source: Twitter, The Kyiv Independent

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