He wanted to run for president, he will stand trial. The Czech politician denied the crime in Katyn | World news

He wanted to run for president, he will stand trial. The Czech politician denied the crime in Katyn | World news

The indictment concerns statements from two years ago. During the debate on the Internet radio, the former vice-chairman of the Communist Party stated, inter alia, that the murder of almost 22,000 people in Katyn by the NKVD was “a story created by the Nazis”. Later exhumations of the victims the Katyn massacre he described as “alleged”.

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The czech republic. From railing to railing, almost hitting the mark. Such a drunk truck driver was transporting pallets with bricks

The czech republic. The politician denied the crime in Katyn. Now he will be brought to trial

According to journalists, the prosecutor’s office also accused two other people participating in the radio debate and the association running the radio station. Without a hearing, the Prague court issued penal orders, sentencing the defendants suspended for eight months in prison, and fined the association. They all appealed against the court’s decision, thus deciding to go to trial. In the Czech Republic, he may be imprisoned for up to three years for denying the crime of genocide.

Josef Skala intended to run for elections presidential events to be held in the Czech Republic on January 13-14. However, he did not collect the required number of 50,000 signatures of support.

The time for applying for the presidential office ended on Tuesday at 4 p.m. According to the Czech authorities, the required documents regarding the application for the presidential race were submitted 21 people. Now the Czech Ministry of the Interior has until the end of November to assess the validity of the applications and verify the signatures of support on the lists (each candidate had to collect at least 50,000 signatures).

Elections in the Czech Republic

It is known that, among others, former prime minister of the Czech Republic, Andrej Babisz, against whom a court case is pending – is accused of fraud in the amount of 2 million dollars (the proceedings concern extortion money for the construction of the Bocianie Gniazdo complex, which received EU subsidies after its property was transferred from the Agrofert conglomerate owned by Babisz, with about 250 companies to members of the Babisz family).

According to the polls, it is Babisz and the former head of the NATO military committee, Petr Pavel, who have the best chance of winning. Danusze Nerudova, an economist and former rector of the University of Brno, is also among the favorites. Senators Pavel Fischer and Marek Hilszer, head of trade unions Josef Strzedula, former rector of Charles University Tomasz Zima, and billionaire Karel Janeczek will also apply for the office.

Direct presidential elections will be held in the Czech Republic for the third time. So far, Milosz Zeman has won the popular vote twice.

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