He sped up the Golf and drove straight into the truck. Little VW turned the truck to the side (video)

When joining the traffic from the minor road, we must be sure that we will not force anyone to go. This information seems trivial, but as you can see, not everyone knows about it.

A Volkswagen Golf Plus driver caused a serious accident, eliminating a large truck from the road. The situation took place on the DK92 road between Grońsko and Lwówek.

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In the recording, we see a truck driving in front of the author of the film. From the corner of the eye, we can see the Volkswagen Golf Plus approaching the main road.

The driver of the German hatchback did not apply the brake for a moment. It hit the truck directly, most likely at the height of the tractor’s rear wheels.

As a result of the collision, the TIR turned over to its side and the Volkswagen, after performing the pirouettes, landed in the ditch. Both drivers were taken to hospital with injuries.

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There are many voices on the web that it could have been a suicide attempt by the 63-year-old from Golf. This cannot be ruled out, as well as many other reasons, such as a Volkswagen driver fainting.

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