He saw the price in Biedronka and grabbed his head. “A synonym of luxury”

Economists predicted that in August inflation will eventually brake. However, it did not happen, quite the contrary. Prices soared again. Inflation accelerated in August from 15.6 percent in July to 16.1 percent. per year. At the end of this month Central Statistical Office is expected to publish preliminary inflation data for September. In an interview with RMF on Saturday, finance minister Magdalena Rzeczkowska predicted that the price increase this month will amount to approx. 16.4 percent. – I hope inflation is at its peak this year – said the head of the finance ministry hopefully.

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The economist went to Biedronka. He looked at the price of the milk and was shocked

Inflation is becoming more and more noticeable and thus severe on a daily basis. The well-known economist Rafał Mundry has recently found out about it. His attention caught price milk, specifically its high growth. The economist decided to share his surprise with Internet users. He posted a photo he took at a popular discount store.

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