He mocked this club and now he’s joined! He has to explain himself to the fans

He mocked this club and now he’s joined!  He has to explain himself to the fans

He mocked this club and now he’s joined! He has to explain himself to the fans

Polonia Warsaw is one of the most important clubs in the history of Polish football. The team was founded in 1911 and won the national championship twice. She also won the Polish Cup the same number of times. She also added one Super Cup.

Slightly over 10 years ago, however, everything in Polonia began to collapse like a house of cards. Janusz Wojciechowski withdrew from sponsoring the club, which fell into financial ruin. In 2013, reconstruction began in the IV league. A season later, the Varsovians were one step higher, and two years later they reached the central level. However, they fell again to the third league, from which they got out only in 2022.

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In the current season, Polonia is again at the central level. The first part of the season for the newcomers can be considered successful – after 19 rounds, the team from the capital is in third place with 34 points. If the team maintains this position, it will start in the play-offs for Fortuna 1. Liga.

Polonia Warszawa: Grzegorz Aftyka mocked the club, now he has joined it

Relations between the fans of Polonia and Legia are not the best, as evidenced by … old Internet entries of Aftyka. As a 14-year-old, he wrote on Facebook: “Where is Polonia” (original spelling), when it was relegated to the IV league. Fans of his new employer remembered that post well. So he had to explain himself to them. He posted a statement on his Twitter account.

“I know that there was a controversy on the Internet about my private Facebook post from 10 years ago. It was never my goal to offend anyone. As a 14-year-old young athlete, I competed with my friends not only on the pitch. I also had friends in the Polish community. “Crushes and banter were the order of the day at the time, and the result of this was the criticized post. I am grateful for the opportunity to play for a club with such traditions as Polonia Warszawa. I will use every minute of training and match to convince not only the coach, but also you, the fans. I want to show my ambition and professionalism. All this so that at the end of the season the question ‘Where is Polonia?’ they could answer together that he is in Fortuna 1. Liga. Thank you for the chance and I promise that I will do my best so that we can enjoy the promotion together, “we read in the text.

Polonia will return to play in the league on February 25. The team will play away from Stomil Olsztyn.

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Grzegorz Aftyka/ /Artur Barbarowski/ /East News

Polonia Warsaw Stadium/ /Simon Starnawski/ /East News

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