He implanted them in his hands. They replace him with a wallet, keys and documents

The daily routine before leaving the house for many people is to check in the purse or pocket for the presence of a phone, a key and a wallet that contains personal documents. A man no longer has to pat his pockets to make sure he has everything with him. Implants placed in his hands are enough for him.

Brandon Dalaly has implanted two scannable chips in his hand to store cryptocurrencies and data. Implants they also act as a key to his home and as a way to gain access to his medical card or ID. One of them also unlocks his Tesla Model 3. The 39-year-old in an interview with Teslarati said that he did not want anesthesia during the first treatment and that his chip was much smaller than the second.

“The first was a little smaller, so it wasn’t as intense as shoving that giant rod into my hand. The first was preloaded into a larger syringe. They pushed the syringe in and inserted the chip, much like a dog chip,” says Dalaly. The next one, however, required local anesthesia.

Always keep the keys with you

Brandon is part of a beta group of around 100 people who test chips produced by a company called Vivokey. Implants they are covered with biocompatible substances and are surrounded by body tissues shortly after implantation. Brandon explained how chip capabilities are constantly being developed through new downloadable features.

“The company that put it together has literally its own app store where you can install the app wirelessly in your body using these chips. And it so happened that one of the apps was a key card Tesla“Points Brandon.” So it was the first application I installed on it since I have it Tesla and now i use it as my dongle when my bluetooth dongle fails or i don’t have a card. You just use your hand, “he adds.

The price of such the implant it may vary depending on its version or functionality, but according to Brandon, it is worthwhile. “It’s not as bad as people think. Since I was a beta tester, I got the chip for $ 300, and then my installer only charged me $ 100 to insert it.”

Brandon admitted that, for now, the chips are a bit of a “fun party trick”. He understands that people may be skeptical about implanting technology into their bodies, but noted that phones already track our every move. Nevertheless, it sounds a bit too much to some people like Cyberpunk 2077 transhumanism. implantation of a Walletmor payment implant. Many people even called it the mark of the beast.

Konrad Siwik, journalist of Gadgetmania

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