He has no lidlomix and does his shopping with a note from his wife. President of Lidl about why there is a shortage of sugar and what to do with prices [TYLKO U NAS]

  • Producers are afraid of reducing gas supplies, poultry and dairy products may become more expensive – forecasts the president of Lidl Polska. At the same time, it calms down – Poland is a rich and self-sufficient country in terms of food production
  • He adds that the value for money is becoming more and more important when choosing customers. – Consumers will have to pay more attention to how they spend their money
  • Włodzimierz Wlaźlak tells us whether his family uses lidlomiks and whether this popular equipment will reappear on store shelves
  • When asked about the potential opening of stores on non-trading Sundays, he definitely declares – Lidl will not leave the competition’s movement unanswered
  • In an interview with Business Insider Polska, the head of one of the largest retail chains also explains why there is a shortage of sugar in many places in the country
  • It also announces a surprise related to the offer of articles prepared for the return of children to school. – I will not say a word more, except that it will start around August 20
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