He bought a toy for about PLN 110 million. He did not foresee one thing [WIDEO]

Paolo Scudieri comes from Italy and is the president of the Adler-Hp Pelzer Group, which specializes in the production of auto parts worldwide. He is the ambassador for tourism in the Principality of Monaco. In addition, he sits on the board of one of the oldest banks in the world – Banco di Napoli. His fortune is estimated at around $ 500 million.

He bought a superyacht worth about PLN 110 million. Less than a month later, the ship burned down

Paolo Scudieri started using his new luxury toy as it is less than a month ago superyacht Aria SF worth nearly PLN 110 million. And he bought it in April this year. However, the millionaire soon enjoyed it. His almost 44-meter yacht burned down.

Aria SF caught fire while anchoring off the coast Spanish the island of Formentera (south of Ibiza). Initially, those present on board tried to extinguish the fire on their own, but to no avail. It is not known if Paolo Scudieri was on the yacht at the time. The flames and smoke were so large that they could also be seen from nearby Ibiza.

Seven crew members and nine passengers managed to escape in time, thanks to which no one was injured. It is not yet known what caused the fire. According to experts, the Aria SF superyacht has been completely destroyed and is likely to no longer be suitable for sailing. It was towed to the Ibiza area by two other boats.

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The Aria SF superyacht was equipped with a gym and a swimming pool. It had five guest cabins that could accommodate a total of 10 people. In addition, the owner’s apartment with a private lounge and terrace. The yacht was made by the Italian company ISA. In September this year. was to debut at the prestigious yacht fair in Monaco.

Source: “The Guardian”, dailymail.co.uk


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