HBO Max sells competition productions! Polish series among 21 titles that will go to other SVODs

HBO Max sells competition productions!  Polish series among 21 titles that will go to other SVODs

HBO Max sells competition productions! Polish series among 21 titles that will go to other SVODs

Warner Bros. Discovery continues the adopted savings strategy. After the cancellation of many projects, the time has come to make up for some losses, which will be helped by the contract signed with SkyShowtime. Previously developed films and series will go to the new platform.

SkyShowtime strives to expand more and more on the European market. Last year, the offer debuted in the first countries, while in the first quarter of this year the service will be launched in the next part of the continent – the Polish premiere of SVOD, which is a combination of Comcast and Paramount Global, is scheduled for February.

The owners of the platform strive to provide as many new productions as possible to a wide audience, which will be helped by the contract with Warner Bros. Discovery, under which 21 proposals created for HBO Max were taken over exclusively. It is 168 episodes (over 150 hours) of stories developed by creators from Europe – the list even includes three series that have never been broadcast before.

In this way, SkyShowtime wants to “significantly” speed up the expansion of its own library. For several months, we have been witnessing the introduction of significant changes in the functioning of the corporation behind HBO, DC or Discovery, and this is the next stage of recovering the invested funds – the HBO authorities were fully aware that other companies would be interested in some of the projects.

Three new series that have been fully prepared, but have not yet been broadcast on HBO Max, are “ID” (Finland and Sweden), “The Winner” (Czech Republic and Slovakia) and “Warszawianka” (Poland). In addition to new stories, the new buyer will offer viewers the continuation of “Anyway” (Spain) – previously we could see the first season of the series on HBO Max, which will also go to SkyShowtime.

The Polish story, or “Warszawianka”, has been divided into 11 episodes and will show the fate of an incorrigible playboy and playboy played by Borys Szyc.

“Warszawianka is a Polish feature series that tells the tragicomic adventures of a forty-year-old Warsaw playboy, an urban legend (Borys Szyc). The main character is a deeply complex figure, an irresponsible party animal, a serial seducer and at the same time a friend of all. Beneath this coating, however, the man hides anguish and self-loathing, limited by his parents (Krystyna Janda and Jerzy Skolimowski) and pigeonholed by the culture and times that shaped him. With a head full of dreams and writing talent, he stole the hearts of generation X. But he did not mature. He is weak. Having and then losing everything, he tries to make sense of the modern world surrounded by the city’s most interesting characters.

The list also includes series that have been appreciated in HBO Max, but Warner Bros. Discovery decided to entrust them to another service. We are talking about such series as “Hungry Together” (Czech Republic), “Foodie Love” (Spain), “Hackerville” (Romania), “No Activity” (Spain), “Real Star” (Romania), “Pray, Listen and kill” (Sweden), “Ruxx” (Romania), “Success” (Croatia), “Everything else” (Spain), “Unaware” (Czech Republic), “Trefny schmal” (Romania) and “Welcome to the outback” (Norway ). The first episodes will premiere in March.

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